Sharp Labs of America (SLA) actively collaborates with external partners toward the development of new products and businesses. SLA partnerships include early-stage technology development, device design, software development, and fabrication of fully-functioning prototypes. Our partners range from Fortune 100 companies to startups and academic groups. Crucially, SLA also provides an interface for collaboration with our parent company, Sharp Corporation of Japan. The combination of SLA’s strong and diverse technical capabilities and our deep connection with Sharp Corporation enables fast development cycles and a smooth transition into mass production.

We typically employ one of three collaboration models:

  1. SLA evaluates the technology or business opportunity, and introduces the partner to the appropriate Business Division within Sharp Corporation. This scenario typically occurs with mature technologies suitable for relatively near-term product introduction.

  2. SLA evaluates the opportunity and in collaboration with the partner engages in technical feasibility work to design and/or develop an associated prototype. This scenario corresponds to technologies that may require development prior to reaching a business decision on mass production from Sharp or other manufacturers.

  3. SLA provides design services to enable matching between the process flow and device desired by the partner and the typical process flow and device found in existing Sharp display and IC factories. 

SLA possesses substantial development resources in both device and hardware prototyping and software development (please explore our website for detailed information). Previous external collaborations include:  flexible and biometric sensors, low-power displays, LCD-based arrays for non-display applications, non-TFT backplane arrays for displays, and novel bio-ASICs. The combination of expertise and facilities makes SLA an ideal environment for many partners seeking to take their technologies to the next level, aiming toward mass production and product introduction.

Device and Hardware Prototyping

SLA maintains state-of-the-art laboratory facilities that enable the fabrication, characterization, and testing of a broad spectrum of microelectronic devices, circuits, and systems, including:

  • 2,000ft² of class 100 cleanroom (6” wafer-size substrate) 
  • Dedicated solution process laboratory
  • Dedicated chemical synthesis laboratory
  • Optical characterization laboratory
  • Battery prototyping and testing laboratory
  • Electrical characterization laboratory
  • Key process (fabrication) equipment:
  • AMAT plasma deposition and dry-etching tools
  • DC, Pulsed-DC, and RF metallization tools
  • Photolithographic patterning
  • State-of-the-art laser station for ultra-rapid thermal processing
  • Dimatix ink-jet printer (res.~25-50µm)
  • Gravure printer (res.~5µm)
  • Spin-coaters and glove boxes for controlled-ambient experiments 
  • Laminator (with alignment option) for flex-to-flex or flex-to-rigid bonding

Software Development

SLA maintains local and offshore software teams leveraging the latest in development tools and methodologies. SLA software development teams successfully deploy solutions from rapid prototype though commercial launch and follow-on support. Areas of expertise include:

  • Algorithms for audio, video, communication, compression, and analytics
  • Protocols for wired and wireless communication
  • Mobile and IoT applications 
  • Machine vision
  • Big Data analytics 
  • Cloud technologies
  • Autonomous vehicle navigation and operations

More Information

For further information please contact:

Dr. Tolis Voutsas 
Director, New Business Development
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